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My teaching style is inspired by the various disciplines I have studied throughout my life including dance, yoga, and Pilates. I've blended the best of each forms into a practice that helps to serve your personal transformation with creativity, intuition, and resilience. In my classes, I aim to create an experience of flow


"Flow is the absence of resistance. Flow encourages meditation in motion: When you ride the flow like a wave, it moves you out of your head and into your body and the present moment."  - Baron Baptiste


I begin each class with a centering posture to bring awareness to the body and mind. I always invite students to feel empowered in their practice by modifying or amplifying whenever necessary. Classes always close with a resting posture to allow the body to absorb the benefits of the practice. Whether you take a heated Flow class with dynamic, continuous sequencing or a gentle Yin class to redirect the flow of energy via deep stretch, after a class with me, you will feel balanced and radiant.



Erika's signature class style. This type of class coordinates movement and breath in a creative sequence that flows from one pose to the next.


This type of class is beginner-friendly and is comprised of poses that range from gentle to challenging emphasizing slow, full breath and safe alignment.


This is a slow moving, deep stretching practice that penetrates deep into the connective tissues of the body, expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centers of the body.


Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga is the practice of performing of yoga while stand up paddle surfing (SUP) in calm water.

This class is seasonal. Please check my Schedule page for class offerings.


A blend of Yoga and Pilates postures on an inflatable fitness mat in a pool. Practice alignment, balance, flexibility, and strength on the water.

This class is seasonal. Please check my Schedule page for class offerings.

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